This project was presented in 2004 on the occasion of the Chiesa Valdese 8×1000 fund and it was financed with five thousand Euros in 2015. The aim of the human rights and non-violence help desk is to bring cooperation and communication and to make different cultures, identities and personal experiences converge. This may represent an alternative viewpoint and a practical answer to violence and social discrimination that are worryingly spreading at a national, local and personal level.

In the pursuit of this goal, the help desk will take care of the organisation and coordination of activities such as non-violence workshops, relaxation and meditation classes, meetings and other informative events but also proper educational courses on global integration and non-violence.

Essentially, these non-violence workshops are seminars that combine elements of theatre, didactics and experimental workshops. Their main purpose is to learn to deal with daily conflicts, and to modify the relationship with oneself and the others, implementing a non-violent solution to all the cultural and religious controversies that happen in a multi-ethnic territory among both individuals and groups.

The training course for volunteers on global integration, non-violence and human rights aims to make the attendees familiarise with non-violent solutions and with solidarity between the different populations, but it also wants to provide the participants with the relevant expertise in order to carry out professional or volunteering non-profit activities and to start their own association. In doing this, new local organisations managed by young people will be created and young people themselves will have the opportunity to be the protagonists of this cultural progress.

These recreational events also aim to bring all the attendees together and to benefit the integration between different communities, developing a mutual awareness of their respective cultures. The meetings include multi-ethnic dinners, intercultural concerts and informative sessions on the development cooperation projects carried out by Energia.

The several activities such as the relaxation and meditation courses, the photography competition, the analysis of the territorial needs, and all the others mentioned above will help introduce non-violence as a daily practice and promote the cooperation between the populations.

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