5 per 1000

Your 5xmille for human rights!

Every year you can choose to donate the 5xmille of your income declaration (730, Unico, CUD) to help us defend the human rights of many people less fortunate than you.

The 5xmille is not an additional tax. It is a way to choose where part of your taxes – destined to the state government – should go.

Energia per i Diritti Umani needs your help to protect and defend the rights of many children, women and people who need support to live a fair life.

You can do a lot for many people this year. It only takes your signature and our tax code (97289510584).


You can support our projects donating to Energia per i Diritti Umani. Even a small gesture can help us achieve big things.


Money donations

You can donate through a bank or postal current account payment or via Internet.

  • Banca Etica IBAN: IT60U05018032 0000 0000 108234 (ABI 5018 – CAB 3200 – CIN U – C/C N.108234)
  • Bancoposta C/C N. 46878757

Assigned to Energia per i Diritti Umani Onlus – Via G. Taverna, 97 – 00135 – Roma

Motive: Donazione generica/ il nome del progetto (Generic donation/ name of project e.g.  Keur Marietou- Sostegno a Distanza – StopMalaria)

Or click here to donate through Paypal:




Private individuals (natural people under the IRPEF) are allowed to deduct their donation up to 2% of the declared total income and not over €70.000,00 a year (art. 13, D.P.R. 460/97). Alternatively, they are allowed to deduct from 19% of the donations to a maximum of €2065,83 from the gross income tax (art. 22 co.1 lett.a Legge n. 383/2000).

Enterprises (institutions under the IRES) are allowed to deduct their money donations up to 2% of the declared total income (art. 100 Legge n. 633/72 and subsequent amendments) or up to 19% of the declared business total income.

Furthermore, under art. 13 D.L. n. 460/97, enterprises are allowed to transfer free of charge assets to whose production or exchange the enterprise activity is directed, whose overall specific cost does not exceed € 1.032,9. Such specific cost, which is to say the cost incurred by the enterprise for the production or purchase of the assets, contributes with potential free money supplies to the above mentioned deductibility limit.

Testamentary bequest

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Solidarity favors and presents

What better gift could one receive than the possibility to help others?

Celebrate a new birth, a christening, a holy communion, a graduation, a wedding or other meaningful moments with us in solidarity.

For your celebration, you can choose one of our solidarity favors. These are created with materials coming from the original countries in which Energia per i Diritti Umani operates and besides representing a special memory, our favors also help us support our projects.

(Solidarity favors pdf link)

For further information: info@energiaperidirittiumani.it

Handcraft products


You can support our projects buying our solidarity handcraft. These amazing products we offer in exchange for a donation, that helps our projects, are handmade in Senegal and Gambia by the local populations.

Where to buy:

  • eBay: Visit our eBay channel to discover what products are available in our solidarity auction. (eBay channel link)
  • Visit us: come to see us to get to know us and buy our solidarity handcraft products in our office in Rome (via degli Equi 45, San Lorenzo).


These are a few examples of what you can find:


Christmas baskets and Easter eggs

Every year, Energia and its volunteers produce beautiful Christmas baskets. These are great presents that contribute to fair trade and to support our projects.

Book in advance to personalise your present.

For further information: info@energiaperidirittiumani.it