Every year, Energia per i Diritti Umani organizes training courses for new volunteers and for those willing to get closer to the international cooperation environment, or to deepen their knowledge in the field. The classes aim to present our association, our projects, and our point of view on cooperation in developing countries. At the same time, the trainings provide some technical bases for planning bottom-up cooperation actions in countries such as Senegal, The Gambia, and India.

As Humanists, we believe that the social change we strive for must be accompanied by the personal change of those who have the courage and the energy to engage for helping others. The training courses include theoretical and practical workshops. They aim at enhancing the emotional and relational components of the volunteers’ job, which implies working with people from different cultures, often in situations of poverty and distress.

The weekly courses will also benefit from the participation of external experts, who can provide comprehensive quality training to whoever is interested in volunteering and international cooperation.

At the end of each course, the participants will have the opportunity to join our working teams which manage the projects. They will have the chance to travel to Senegal, The Gambia, or India to experience real bottom-up cooperation actions in developing countries.

The 36° training course 2020 took place from October 20 to November 10 with a blended approach (online and in our headquarters) in compliance with Covid-19 prevention measures.

For info / to apply: corso-volontari@energiaperidirittiumani.it


LUISS (Rome)

Since 2013, Energia per i Diritti Umani has collaborated with the LUISS Business School University to integrate topics such as ethics, responsibility, and sustainability in its postgraduate courses. In particular, Energia develops training modules in which LUISS Business School students face real issues that the association deals with when cooperating with the local African and Indian communities. Energia provides the context, the knowledge, the people, and the links to Senegal, The Gambia and India. These elements serve as a basis for the modules’ development. Thanks to these tools, students get involved in problem-solving activities, workshops and group works. They take part in a true experience of concrete action aimed at promoting development. The module consists in dividing the class into different groups, providing them with the context of the activity and the available tools. It is also important to make them aware of the human dimension of their actions. Subsequently, the students will work on real problem-solving scenarios, tutored by volunteers from Energia. At the end of the second day, each group of students presents their ideas in front of a jury formed by LUISS professors and volunteers from Energia, who will award the best solution. The association will then implement the winning solution in the most suitable way to the real context. Final results will be shared with the LUISS students so as to establish a connection between them and the reality they have changed with their ideas.

Students of LUISS Master’s programs can choose Energia for their volunteering experience. They take part in the activities of our teams and learn how to give their support in international solidarity.


SAPIENZA University of Rome

Since 2015, Energia has established an agreement with Sapienza University of Rome to provide internships at the Rome headquarters. Visit the Job Soul platform for further information.



Since 2010, Energia has established an agreement with London Metropolitan University, to provide in-house or freelance internships as part of their MA in Applied Translation Studies. Since 2010, 7 internships have been carried out.



If students from other universities are interested in working with us, it is possible to start new collaborations.


For information: amministrazione@energiaperidirittiumani.it