Energia dal Sole project


Since 2007, we have implemented several programs to provide the humanist centers and homes in the villages with solar energy. In Senegal, we have equipped the humanist centers of Ndiadiane, Tataguine and Sossop with 0.5 KW solar panels. In The Gambia we did the same in Ballanghar.

In 2008 we promoted a pump irrigation project powered by solar panels in Ndiandiane. Unfortunately, it was not very effective, given the continuous need for maintenance due to clogging of silt and sand in the pump motor.

In 2015, we moved the panels to The Gambia to light up the humanist center in Ballanghar.

From 2008 to 2011, around 1,500 solar-powered lamps were distributed during several campaigns, providing houses with interior lights at night.

In 2015 we started cooperating with Liter of Light Italia, which equipped the streets and the houses in the villages of Ndiadiane, Tataguine and Sossop (Senegal) and Ballanghar (The Gambia) with new LED lighting devices.

In 2020, the partnership has continued to supply electricity to rural medical centers in the villages of Ngueme, Ndiandiane, Tataguine Sérère, Tataguine Bambara and Ndieffer, in the regions of Thiès and Fatick (Senegal). The clinics are equipped with lamps, refrigerators for medicines, sterilizers, and sockets to charge the mobile phones of the healthcare staff, who is therefore always available.

For information: info@energiaperidirittiumani.it