2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence

With the premises of the 1st World March 2009-2010, that crossed 97 countries and five continents in 93 days, a second World March for Peace and Nonviolence 2019-2020 has been planned.



To denounce the dangerous world situation with growing conflicts, increased spending on weaponry while, in vast areas of the planet, many populations suffer from lack of food and water.

To keep raising awareness that only through “peace” and “nonviolence” will the human species open its future.

To make visible the various positive actions that people, communities and populations are developing in many areas towards the promotion of human rights, non-discrimination, collaboration, peaceful coexistence and non-aggression.

To Give voice to the new generations, who want to take over and leave their mark, by setting up the nonviolence culture in the collective imagination, in education, in politics, in society … In the same way as the environmental awareness has been set up in few years.



The 2nd World March will start in Madrid on October 2, 2019, the International Nonviolence Day, ten years after the 1st World March. It will head towards Africa, North America, Central and South America, and then Oceania, travelling through Asia and finally Europe. It will end in Madrid on March 8, 2020, the International Women’s Day, after travelling the world for 159 days. It is estimated that the 2nd World March will cross more than 100 countries, and that hundreds of thousands of activists will take part in this global action.



The ban on nuclear weapons. Proportional disarmament and the renunciation by the states of using war to resolve conflicts or to appropriate resources.

“We are determined to avoid wars for future generations”.

The refoundation of the United Nations, including the addition of an Environmental Security Council and a Socio-Economic Security Council to the Security Council.

“A United Nation that watches over all the citizens of the world”.

The creation of conditions for an entirely sustainable planet, since it is a limited area that we absolutely must deal with.

“The Earth is everyone’s home”

The integration of regions and areas with socio-economic systems to ensure well-being and resources for everyone, with the aim of eradicating hunger in the world over the next 10 years.

“We want to eradicate hunger in human history”.

No discrimination of any kind: sex, age, race, religion, economy, etc. “No human being is superior to another”.

Nonviolence as a new culture and active nonviolence as a methodology of action.

 “Nonviolence is the force that transforms the world”.

The Second World March will be introduced during the World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Peace, and at the welcome reception that will be held in Madrid from 5 to 8 November 2018.