If you share the ideas and the proposals of Energia per i Diritti Umani Onlus and you want to start implementing them in your town/city, then you are in the right section.

Here is what to do:

(a) Find friends and acquaintances in your town/city with whom to set up the first promoting group

  1. b) Establish a weekly/monthly meeting place for the volunteers

(c) Set up an address to be recorded during the Board of Directors meeting.

We currently have 3 branch offices in Umbria, Campania and Piedmont. Click here to find out the addresses.

The activities:

(a) Booths for the dissemination of the activities and the campaigns of Energia

(b) Implementing new initiatives and campaigns

  1. c) Fundraising, selling Easter eggs or Christmas baskets and promoting fair trade party favours

(d) Organising photo exhibitions or public meetings


For any questions and to receive the leaflets and the documentation please email: info@energiaperidirittiumani.it