We promote initiatives aimed at collecting selected and well-kept second-hand items and clothing to deliver to the countries where we operate.

Help us find schooling materials, games, and books. The following is a list of what we would need, for example:

For our schools: pencils, markers, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, glue, rulers, squares, paint brushes, tempera colors, white and colored chalks, soccer balls, balloons, twines, wool threads, elastic bands, pins, safety pins, pegs, crepe paper, colored paper, backpacks, tissues, trophies and medals, large ribbons, red and white signage tape, pack rope, jump rope, etc…

For children: accessories, backpacks, bags, schooling materials, any type of non-electronic game and English / French children books either new or in good condition.

Laptops: if they are in good condition and working (including battery).