I am PhD at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the “Roma Tre University”. I wrote a PhD project on common goods and the economic crisis, in particular on urban commons and the governance of urban resources in Rome.

I have been active in Energia since 2008. I dealt with the Stop Malaria Campaign with volunteers from the villages in Senegal. I am currently involved in the Keur Marietou Women’s House project in Italy and Senegal.

I am interested in the history of economic thought because I believe that it is important to look at reality from different perspectives. It’s necessary to understand the contexts and motivations that influence the theories and values ​​at the basis of social and political systems. I believe that the economic, ecological and social crisis we are experiencing can be an opportunity to undertake new paths in search for sense.

I am a failed economist, a low-level capoeirist, a writer and a compulsive explorer in constant “action-research”. I have a great passion and curiosity for humanity. I like to imagine together new possibilities and weave different paths, putting them in communication.
For the rest, I try to give a coherent direction to my life.

Energia is undoubtedly a space of inspiration, because it offers ideas to look at one’s change while trying to transform what is around us.

Diam rek!