The working premisis of Energia is in
Via degli Equi 45
in San Lorenzo, Rome
Tel. 06 45429852

We have active volontary groups in Penisola Sorrentina and L’Aquila.

We now have 6 teams operating:

Sostegno a Distanza S.A.D. Team

The S.A.D. team is in charge of managing the project Sostieni a distanza un/a bambino/a e il suo villaggio, started by Energia in 2003. Thanks to this project the association provides an increasing number of children with the opportunity to go to school, receive medical treatments and live a decent life in their country with their families on a continuous basis.

This project aims to improve both the life of the children and that of the whole community through the construction of nursery schools and lifelong learning centres for the inhabitants of the villages. These are called Centri Umanisti Polifunzionali (Multi-purpose Humanist Centres).

The S.A.D. team takes care of the network of relations between the Italian supporters of the project and the children in Senegal, Gambia and India, based on a enduring mutual exchange of experiences and affection.

Here is what we practically take care of:

  • collection, organisation and distribution (online upload and hard copy shipment) of photos, letters, drawings, report cards and medical reports belonging to the supported children;
  • collection, organisation and distribution of the supporters’ letters and gifts for the children;
  • management of project accounting;
  • local managers training / staying in contact with the managers (languages: French in Senegal and English in Gambia and India);
  • participation in national and international collaboration networks;
  • website update, Facebook page management and monthly newsletter;
  • campaigns and events aimed at promoting the project to a new public and keeping our current supporters updated;
  • twinning programmes between our nursery schools in Senegal, Gambia and India and primary schools based in Italy.

As far as the S.A.D. planning and administrative management are concerned, we are in the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 16:00 to 20:00 and every other Tuesday after 21:00.

We are always looking for new volunteers to join us and we are always ready to welcome new people in our team!

Whoever cares for the rights of children, the rights to education and health and believes in the importance of multiculturalism, whoever feels that we can only achieve social progress if we make it a global goal will find in this project the right initiative to put their energy and creativity into practice. In addition to the activities mentioned above, we are always looking for new ways to communicate that help us spread and develop our project. You do not need special qualifications to start collaborating with us.

On the other hand, volunteers willing to join the following activities will have a great opportunity to develop their passions and knowledge in the S.A.D. team.

What you can immediately do from Italy:

  • Translate our material from French and English into Italian and vice versa;
  • Help us manage or Facebook page and website;
  • Produce graphic material;
  • Organising events for the promotion of the project;
  • Help in the preparation of the material to be sent to the supporters of the project in Italy;
  • Start a campaign for long-distance support in your own everyday life environment (neighbourhood, work place etc..);
  • Help in the management and accounting of the long-distance support donations to the children;
  • Start twinning programmes with schools;
  • Help the communication with Senegal, Gambia and India.


What you can do in Senegal, Gambia, India:

  • Document the project activities through photos and videos;
  • Organise playful recreational activities for nursery school children;
  • Help the IT training of our local managers;
  • Participate in the distribution of teaching materials for schools and gifts from the Italian families to the Senegalese children.

Keur Marietou Team

The Keur Marietou team aims to create a bridge between our reality and that of Senegalese and Gambian women. In addition to the organisation of events, meetings and the management of the Marietou house project, the team has engaged in a self-learning process from Italy, confronting with local groups who give support to women. The content is shared with the women from the Rèseau des femmes humanistes in Pikine through the Internet and through the seminars organised during our trips.

In Senegal, the collaboration with the women from the Rèseau des femmes consists of the organisation of shared events supporting the micro-credit (Microcredito) group activities.

We are looking for:

  • Enthusiastic people eager lo learn;
  • Volunteers interested in the examination of peculiarities and problems related to gender issues both in Senegal/Gambia and in Italy;
  • People who want to broaden their knowledge and question their own point of view in a self-learning process (meetings with experts, associations, local entities dealing with gender issues in Italy and abroad) whose results can possibly be the subject of our seminars in Senegal;
  • Creative people willing to help in the organisation of events and campaigns with the aim of spreading awareness of the project and managing our website and social networks;
  • Translators of our materials, to reach the widest possible audience;
  • People who take care of keeping contacts with the women from the Réseau des femmes in Pikine, so as to keep each other updated on our activities.

We are looking for whoever wants to contribute, both men and women, eager to make their practical and intellectual skills available. The purpose is to help build a mutual exchange network between the Senegalese reality and us, dealing with the rights of women and children, in the hope of improving what is around us starting from our personal growth.

Self-financing Team

The self-financing team takes care of the fund-raising activities aimed at supporting the association in its initiatives.

Besides the traditional financing sources, which is to say sales of local Senegalese and Indian hand-craft during the festivities or in the markets, participating in announcements, organising self-financing events, fund-raising tins in public places and 5×1000 donations, the team also undertakes to find alternative sources such as solidarity favours, hand-craft auctions on Ebay and crowd-funding online platforms.

Last but not least, the team is working on a solidarity tourism project, to be initially started in Senegal, aimed at attracting those tourists interested in getting closer to local realities.

For further information, please contact: Mateo Mancini (, Francesco Rullani ( e Veronica Boggini (

We are looking for:

  • Volunteers willing to contribute with new ideas concerning fund-raising and the activities carried out by Energia;
  • Solidarity tourism activities;
  • People interested in managing our solidarity favours activities;
  • People willing to conceive new announcement projects.

Our only motto is daje! (come on!)

Administrative management Team

The team takes care of crucial aspects such as :

  • Website and social networks management
  • Trainings and internships management
  • Associates book compilation
  • Balance sheet compilation
  • Italian and foreign projects payments management
  • Bank and postal accounts management
  • Etc.


The team is looking for:

  • Website and social networks management experts
  • Accountants willing to help with the social balance sheet

Energia dal Sole Team / Energia dalla Terra Team



The rural communities, where we built the majority of our centres, are extremely poor areas. In addition to the low level of education and to the severe lack of efficient health services, the main issues are the absence of essential services such as flowing water and electricity.

In these villages, every activity has to finish before the sunset which slows down the local economic and social development. During the night, the moonlight, oil lamps, candles and the extremely rare pocket flashlights are the only lights available to the inhabitants of these isolated places in the middle of the savannah.

Solar energy would be a valid solution to this problem. Indeed, Senegal benefits from plentiful solar radiation (over 3000 hours of sunshine a day). Moreover, the Sun is an economic and ecological energy source which can be received everyday and everywhere to be used on the spot without compromising the environment.

Thanks to the Energia dal Sole project, we provided 3 multi-purpose humanist centres in the villages of Ndiadiane, Sossop Diob e Tattaguine (Senegal) with electricity through the installation of two 270W solar panels equipped with batteries and inverters.

In doing so, the centres receive the energy needed to generate general lighting and electricity for the several learning and recreational activities. In each centre, a boy has been assigned the job to charge mobile phones and electronic devices for € 0.15, saving long journeys to the closest areas supplied with electrical power (10-15 km).

The multi-purpose  humanist centres are also accessible in the evening as gathering points for the whole village, facilitating communication and getting people closer to each other.

In 2008, we promoted a solar powered pumping irrigation project in Ndiadiane. However, this project was of low effectiveness due to the continuous technical works needed to remove silt and sand blockages from the pumps engines.

Since 2008, about 1500 solar panel lamps have been distributed across the countrysides  in order to enlighten homes during the night.

In 2015, we started a collaboration with Litter of Light, which will allow the several humanist centres and homes to be provided with new lighting devices.

For further information:




In 2015 a new team has been formed with the aim of developing community vegetable gardens in the humanist centres in Senegal and Gambia. These gardens are only operational in the Sossop humanist centre in Senegal and in Ndiadiane in the rainy season. Our goal is to make these vegetable gardens functioning the all year using drip irrigation systems.

We are looking for volunteers and funds for the implementation of the project.

We need:

  • Volunteers willing to travel and work on the project locally;
  • Help from agricultural experts;
  • Equipment: shovels, pitchforks, hoes, spades, rubber watering hoses, watering cans, rakes, scythes, sickles, strings, ropes and non-woven fabrics;
  • Economic aid for: enclosures, seeds and water tanks constructions.

We are also arranging a collaboration with the Slow Food Foundation to include our vegetable gardens in the 10.000 Orti in Africa project.


Volunteer training Team

Energia per i Diritti Umani organises training courses for new volunteers and for those willing to get close to the international cooperation environment, or just to broaden their knowledge of the field.

The team members take care of choosing the subjects, organising the meetings, contacting the speakers, designing and creating the advertising campaign so as to offer reviewed programmes in each edition.