The migration helpdesk was set up in 2014, thanks to a project funded by the Italian Waldensian Church’s 8×1000 funds. 

The “rights and nonviolence helpdesk” aims to encourage the aggregation, the dialogue and the convergence of the cultures, the identities and the personal experiences of the communities it is reaching out to. All the above are alternative experiences and concrete responses to the dynamics of violence and social exclusion, that are spreading in an increasingly serious way at a national, urban and neighbourhood level.

The helpdesk was therefore created as an aggregation, convivial and recreational tool to encourage mutual cultural knowledge between participants, as well as the integration between communities.

In pursuing this objective, the helpdesk functions as an transmitter for the organisation and the coordination of a number of activities, in particular:

  • Beginner/Advanced Italian courses for foreigners
  • Festivals of the Multi-ethnic Republic (2012-2016-2017-2018)Video of the Festival 2018
  • Multi-ethnic dinners
  • Presentations of migrants books and works/photos
  • Information meetings on development cooperation projects of Energia
  • Dissemination of services for migrants in the municipality II
  • Internet points for migrants

Other cross activities such as non-violent experience workshops, relaxation and meditation courses and territorial listening activities help promoting the culture of nonviolence and the cooperation between people.

In 2020 we have established a partnership with “Baobab Experience”, an NGO based in Rome who takes care of migrants and asylum seekers.  Together, we have carried out workshops for migrants about non-violent resolution of conflicts. Migrants are often victims of discrimination and relegated to a condition of social marginalization in Italy. We dealt with the theme of violence in personal relationships, deepening theoretical and practical tools which are useful to strengthen our ability to give nonviolent answers even in violent contexts. They were very busy days in which we played, reflected and even shared difficult experiences. It was clear to us that Diversity is a source of human enrichment.  We will be able to reach a truly democratic and human society only by welcoming with sincere solidarity people seeking a better future for themselves and their loved ones.  These workshops were another small step towards the construction of the Universal Human Nation, the utopia of our organisation.

We are preparing a structured program of periodic meetings with migrants, called “Human Corner”. The goal is to create an area of ​​growth and exchange where the migrant becomes a subject, a human being respected and valued in his gifts and virtues. The activities will include sharing everyone’s history, origins and culture. Various methods, including the “theater of the oppressed”, will be applied to prepare to face with confidence situations that create concern, i.e. job interviews. One of the purposes of the meetings is in fact to support the creation of trust in oneself and in one’s future, by planning one’s human and personal goals for the years to come. Having a projection towards one’s future helps in fact to face with motivation and commitment the many small steps which are necessary to achieve one’s goals.

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