The culture team was born to pursue the association’s aims through activities that use culture as a driving force of personal and social transformation. In the last few years, we implemented several initiatives both in Italy and in Senegal. In particular, we have focused on creating a network between all the realities of the territory that seek to improve our present and future through culture.

In 2018 in Pikine, Senegal, this took the form of a large Culture Forum involving artists, actors, university students, networks of local associations and many others. The purpose of the forum was to create an ongoing network that can keep organizing moments of encounter, awareness, and coordination of concrete initiatives.

In Italy we have created various opportunities, such as concerts, coffee / debates, or self-training days. We aim at creating a connection between all the realities that want to take part in this process of change in Rome (especially in the San Lorenzo neighborhood). Photography has proved to be an excellent mean for promoting the ideas and proposals of Energia per i Diritti Umani. For the past three years, we have been organizing the Photography Competition HUMAN, in cooperation with the Corsetti photographic studio.  Thanks to a jury of professionals and to important awards up for grabs, HUMAN managed to involve hundreds of photographers and thousands of people as a voting public, both online and during the exhibitions of finalists’ pictures.

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