If you share the ideas and the proposals of Energia per i Diritti Umani, we encourage you to help us with fundraising initiatives, so we can support existing projects or promote new ones.

To help us, you could:

a) Set up a booth in your workplace/neighborhoods to promote our campaigns, so that people can make donations

b) Ask your friends if they could help you placing some moneyboxes in the bars/supermarkets/shops where they work;

c) Help us selling our fair-trade Easter eggs;

d) Promote our Christmas bags/baskets;

e) Organize dinners, happy hours or other events either at your place or at your friends’ home to promote our projects and child sponsorships;

f) Organize a concert;

g) Organize an auction or a miraculous fishery;

h) Organize whatever that comes to your mind…

We will support you both physically and by sending you materials (e.g. leaflets, posters, moneyboxes, etc.).