Child sponsorships allow kids in developing countries to go to school, get healthcare and live a life with dignity, staying in their own village and with their families.

“You cannot claim your rights if you don’t know they exist!”

“Sostieni a distanza un bambino e il suo villaggio” (Sponsor a child and her/his village) is a child sponsorship campaign for kids from Senegal, The Gambia and India that began in 2002. Sponsoring a child at a distance costs 30 euros per month, little less than 1 euro per day!


What do we guarantee the sponsored child?

50% of your contribution will be used to support your child’s education and healthcare. Moreover, depending on the country and the context, we guarantee:

  • Enrolment fee and tuition fees
  • Educational material: backpacks, notebooks, books, pens, pencils, etc.
  • School uniforms;
  • Teachers’ and helpers’ salaries if the children attend the nursery schools run by the association;
  • Learning games and educational materials for nursery school children
  • Snacks (only in the facilities where it is allowed);
  • Medical treatments (preventive visits and specialist examinations in case of illness);
  • Mosquito nets to prevent malaria.


How do we support village development?

30% of the donation will be used for community development projects in the child’s village. This amount of money is used to:

  • Build multifunctional humanist centers, that act as nursery schools in the morning. In the afternoon they host literacy, professional training, hygiene courses, etc…
  • Support health or educational projects;
  • Purchase materials for vocational training courses, etc.
  • Train local volunteers and pay for their travel expenses.


Organizational expenses

The remaining 20% of the donation will be used by the association to pay for management, communications, travel, and training expenses of Italian volunteers. For more information, please visit the child sponsorship website: www.sostegnoadistanza.eu   www.distancesponsorship.eu or email info@sostegnoadistanza.eu

Thanks to this campaign, Energia allows an increasing number of children to go to schoo, to get healthcare and to live a life with dignity, remaining in their own country and with their families.

Not only does the project “Sostieni a distanza un bambino e il suo Villaggio” improve the life of the individual child, but it also enhances the life of the whole community. I achieves that by implementing community projects, such as the creation of nursery schools and permanent training centers for the entire village (i.e. the Multifunctional Humanist Centers).


Where is the distance sponsorship campaign active?

Country: Senegal

Region Town/Village
Dakar Pikine Icotaf
Thies Ndiadiane
Sossop Diop
Tattaguine Sérère


Country: India

Federated state Town/Village
Tamil Nadu Virudhunagar


Country: Gambia

Region Town/Village
Banjul Serrekunda
Central River Ballangar Choyen


Who can start a Child sponsorship?

Individuals, families, a group of colleagues, a class of students, associations, etc. In short, anyone!


How long does it last?

It does not have a specific deadline. It can last until the child has completed her/his education, which can be up to secondary school, university, or a vocational training, depending on the situation.


How much does it cost to sponsor a child at distance?

The sponsorship costs 30 euros per month.

Payments can be monthly (30 euros per month), quarterly (90 euros every 3 months), semi-annual (180 euros every 6 months), annual (360 euros once a year) and should be made out to Energia per i Diritti Umani ONLUS.


For further information:  https://www.sostegnoadistanza.eu/modulo/home/ or email sadenergia@gmail.com

It is much more than just an economic aid…

It is a bond of solidarity, understanding and mutual affection between different populations.

It is a concrete sign of the union of the people, that is clearly needed nowadays!