I was born in 1983, I am a molecular biologist and researcher for an associate member of the Sostegno a Distanza (S.A.D.) team. I study the role of small regulatory molecules, known as microRNA, in the pathophysiology of the nervous system and multiple sclerosis in particular. In the association, I am the responsible for the Sostieni a distanza un bambino/a e il suo villaggio project since 2006, thanks to which we help hundreds of children in Senegal, Gambia and India go to school and be healthy, simultaneously promoting the development of their communities. What do these two aspects of my life, apparently so distant from each other, have in common? Vocation. Indeed, in both situations, I find a way to express my thirst for knowledge and my inspiration to go beyond what is already determined and decided, to overcome pain and suffering, for me and for others. As someone very wise said a long time ago, “there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way”.