Born in 1983, molecular biologist and researcher, member of the Nonviolence and Multicultural Team (NoV and MultiC). For work, I study the role of small regulatory molecules, called microRNAs, in the pathophysiology of the nervous system and, in particular, of multiple sclerosis.

For Energia, I was responsible for several years of the project “Support a child and his village at a distance”. We still help hundreds of girls and boys from Senegal, Gambia and India to go to school and to be healthy. At the same time, we support the development of their communities.
I’m now member of the Scientific Committee of the Stop Malaria Campaign and promoter of nonviolence through workshops in schools.

What do these areas of my life have in common? The vocation. In both areas, I can best express my thirst for good knowledge and my aspiration for myself and for mankind.  I hope we’ll go beyond whatever seems established and predetermined. By doing so, we might overcome pain and suffering. A very wise person once said: “There are no ways to happiness, happiness is the way.”